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March 26, 2020

The rapid development of COVID-19 has created significant challenges and stresses, and I wanted to reach out to each one of you as a valued client and let you know that McHale is thinking about you and the challenges you are facing with both your families and running your operations.

We want you to know that your business, reliability, and performance efforts do not have to stop or slow down for lack of support from McHale. We are here to help as an extension of your team.

Here are a few ways we can help now:

1. Much of what McHale does to support your plant can be done remotely so we don’t necessarily have to be there on site to help. Engineering performance studies, procedures, data analysis, and troubleshooting can be done remotely. As a flexible and mobile engineering firm, we use modern telecommunication & computer technologies daily to run our business and are leveraging these to help you quickly and effectively address immediate problems and be proactive and address issues requiring longer term solutions.

2.  If the work requires a site visit, it’s likely that McHale has personnel and resources close to your location so we are within driving distance, where NO plane ride is required in most cases. Our staff have implemented a remote working plan that has limited the exposure to large groups and office environments. Communication and identification steps have been implemented to report any cases of illness that could affect operations. It is our goal to prevent the exposure of COVID-19 to any of our clients.

3.  If you are in need of services that can help you temporarily meet your project needs (PM, CM, etc.), please give us a call and we will use our network of strategic partners, advisors, and contacts to see if we can help you during this time of need.

4.  Our environmental services are supported by mobile trailer laboratories that have been thoroughly disinfected. Our field services group have implemented minimum distance and appropriate PPE to combat COVID-19 associated with the provision of emission testing services to our valued clients.

5.  If you are in need of equipment calibrations, McHale has implemented procedures that combat the spread of COVID-19 through laboratory sanitation efforts, work space minimum distance, and personal PPE use of calibration technicians. We understand the essential need to maintain our client’s calibration schedules and will support in a fashion that will prevent the exposure of COVID-19 to your plant.

6.  Finally, we know you must keep the plants running and your business is listed as an essential provider of services. We at McHale will do what we can to ensure you meet your goals.

I believe that by working closely together, through creative techniques, we can make a positive impact by keeping the essential services supported by working together.

Mike McHale and the McHale & Associates Team

Please call us if you have any questions at 865-588-2654.

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