CTI Annual Conference 2024: February 4-8 | Houston, TX

February 2, 2024

Shawn Goedeke, PhD presenting paper at CTI Annual Conference 2024


Shawn Goedeke will be presenting the McHale paper “Characterization of Elliptical Pitot Tubes for Water Flow Measurements “ by Dr. Thomas Keith KirkpatrickKarsten KopperstadJoseph McHale, P.E., and Shawn Goedeke at the 2024 Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference on February 5th, in Houston, Texas.

The paper emphasizes the importance of taking into account the blockage caused by the Elliptical Pitot Tube when traversing water lines, particularly during the calibration phase. Neglecting this consideration may lead to inaccuracies in characterizing the observed flow rate. It should be highlighted that blockage is adequately addressed in the calibration process when Elliptical Pitot Tubes are calibrated in pipe sizes comparable to those being tested in the field.

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