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power plant performance testing

When looking for the company to do your performance testing, look to McHale.   McHale specializes in Code Level Contractual Acceptance, Routine, and CTI Licensed Performance Testing that

    • Demonstrate compliance with contractual and environmental performance guarantees
    • Facilitate quick and confident provisional and final acceptance decisions
    • Ensure the interests of our clients are fairly and accurately represented in contractual performance guarantees
    • Increase commercial returns and improve returns on assets
    • Improve plant performance and extend useful lifetimes of systems and components
    • Satisfy safety and quality assurance requirements
    • Identify where proper outage repair and maintenance focus should be placed

Over our company history we have successfully tested power plants of nearly every technology, configuration, and size across the world for the Power Generation, Oil & Gas,  manufacturing, and medical industries.  We have provided power plant performance testing services in more than 800 facilities with combined capacities in excess of 340,000 MW (sizes 6 MW to over 2,100 MW) on six continents.  The testing projects range from complete plant, major component testing, audits, analysis, and training.

McHale staff has start-up, testing, and operations experience in almost every type of energy facility including gas, coal, heavy oil and distillate, nuclear, and hydroelectric, as well as renewable and clean fuels such as biomass, ethanol, geothermal, solar, and wind power. We have spent time with most major manufacturer’s equipment and have worked in facilities designed by almost every A/E.

Since our inception in 1995, our broad industry knowledge has set us apart. We know first-hand the challenges that companies face in management, operations, start-up, design, instrumentation and controls. Our modular approach with quick customization of computer models provides for precise evaluation while keeping testing costs to projects minimal.




Contractual Requirements Experience

Responsiveness, Flexibility & Team Work

Goal Focused Test Design

Systematic Approach

Consistent Procedures According to Domestic and International Codes

Highly Accurate Test Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Systems

Flexible Models

Detailed Reports

On-site & Remote Analysis

This enables us to recognize and resolve your testing problems with the confidence experience brings.

McHale’s services are built upon the fundamental values intrinsic to our processes and evident in our people: high-quality assurance standards, strict adherence to industry codes, uncompromising safety, and an unequaled dedication to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients that encourages teamwork and trust. We continually strive to meet the new challenges that face our clients. The needs of our clients are unique and require focused technically sound solutions. Our success depends on meeting our clients’ needs with the expertise and quality they demand and honoring every commitment we make.