Power Market


Power Market


McHale’s specializes in thermal and plant performance testing, construction, functional & pre-operational testing, plant start-up support, extended power uprates, and refueling outage support. McHale also specializes in nuclear plant procedure development, preparation and review, including operating, maintenance, engineering, licensing, quality assurance, and E-Plan procedures, as well as Appendix B quality assurance audits, 50.59 preparation and review, LER preparation and review, and root cause analyses.

Thermal Performance Testing

  • Plant Heat Rate and Power Output Testing
  • Turbine Replacement/Retrofit Warranty Testing
  • Routine Outage Improvement Pre to Post Testing
  • Degradation Recovery Investigations and Assessments
  • Condenser Performance Testing
  • Heat Exchange Testing for Closed Feedwater Heaters
  • Cooling Tower Thermal, Sound, and Drift Testing
  • M&TE Equipment Rental, Calibration, and Sales

ASME Performance Test Codes Medals 

McHale Performance is recognized throughout the power generation industry as specialized engineering experts that provide superior testing and plant thermal performance improvement services. McHale is an industry leader in providing cost-effective performance evaluation services.

McHale has worked with a variety of EPC contractors, utilities, and manufacturers throughout the power generation industry. The McHale team is known for professional, quick response, accurate high quality testing, and has extensive expertise in plant and component performance.

Members of McHale Performance occupy chairs on a number of ASME Performance Test Code Committees and actively participate in the following relevant committees:

  • ASME – Performance Test Codes Standards Committee
  • ASME – Plant Operation and Maintenance Committee
  • ASME PTC 1 – General Instructions
  • ASME PTC 6 – Steam Turbines
  • ASME PTC 19.1 – Test Uncertainty
  • ASME PTC 19.22 – Data Acquisition Systems
  • SME PTC 19.5 – Flow Measurement
  • ASME PTC 46 – Overall Plant Performance
  • ASME PTC 100 – Power
  • CTI – Performance & Technology Committee
  • CTI – Technology Review Committee
  • CTI ATC-105 – Acceptance Test Code for Water Cooling Towers
  • CTI ATC-140 – Isokinetic Drift Test Code
  • CTI STD-201 – Standard for the Certification of Water Cooling Tower Thermal Performance
  • CTI STD-202 – Standard for Publication of Custom Cooling Tower Thermal Performance Test Results