Measurement services

On-site Assistance


State-of-the-art metrological services are available to solve your measurement challenges. Whether you need your station instrument calibrated, temporary test instruments to conduct a performance test, or expert metrology consultations, McHale Measurement Services can provide you with the solutions you and your project needs.



McHale’s Measurement Services knows the need for quick turn-around and highly accurate measurement solutions. Whether your job requires quick troubleshooting and diagnostics or technically and carefully planned out test measurements, we can provide the response and expertise.

Flow Measurement

We have several liquid and air/gas flow measurement solutions such as:

    • Pitots
    • 3D Probes
    • Annubars
    • Anemometers
    • High Accuracy Pressure and Temperature instruments for existing differential flow devices
    • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters for both Liquid and Gas
    • Dye Dilution for both open and closed water applications
    • Steam Calorimeter for Steam Quality Dryness Fraction
Natural Gas Sampling and On-Site Gas Chromatography
    • On-site fuel sampling by industry Best Practices (GPA 2166 “Obtaining Natural Gas Samples for Analysis by Gas Chromatography”)
    • On-site dangerous goods shipping to fuel Laboratory
    • On-site fuel analysis by gas chromatography following ASTM D 1945

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Sampling and Dangerous Goods Shipping
    • Coal Sampling – Before and/or After Pulverizers
    • Hydrous Ammonia Sampling
    • Liquid Fuel (Diesel) Sampling
    • Limestone / Lime Slurry Sampling
Flue Gas Sampling and Analysis
    • Isokinetic and High Volume Fly Ash Sampling for LOI and/or Composition
    • HVT (High Velocity and Temperature) probe
    • Custom fabricated probes
    • O2, CO, CO2, and NOx analyzers
    • Portable Emissions Analyzers for quick response and diagnostics
Instrumentation & Controls Calibration Support
Pressure, Temperature, Ambient Conditions, Power Output, and Auxiliary Power
  • Differential and Static Pressure from 0-2″ InH2O up to 0-5000psi
  • Temperature from -40 Deg F to 1200 Deg F
  • Relative Humidity from 0-100%
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Power – 0.1% for 0-240V, 0-10A to use plant CTs and PTs
  • Auxiliary power with 1 and 2-phase current clamps for situations up to 3000A and 0-830V delta (0-480V wye)
Custom Measurement Solutions To Meet Your Requirements

Our Team of engineers and technicians will work with you and your site to provide measurement solutions for any unique situation that you may have. Contact us today, and we’ll find a solution.

Dye Dilution for Both Open and Closed Water Applications
What is Dye Dilution?

The dye dilution method for measuring flow is a method that allows an instantaneous flow to be measured by determining the dilution of a tracer injected into a flow. The dye dilution method is based on a mass balance calculation. A small quantity of fluorescent dye at high concentration is continuously injected at a measured, constant rate into the test flow. Concentration of the fully mixed flow is determined by fluorescence intensity measurements. The ratio of the injected concentration to the final concentration, minus any background concentration in the incoming flow, multiplied by the injection flow equals the fully mixed test flow.