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plant performance improvement

Continuous performance improvement is more important than ever in today’s highly competitive markets with global supply and demand chains and progressively informed customers with ever-increasing expectations.  Effective strategies for performance improvement in today’s economic climate must be accurate and comprehensive.

McHale can provide the most accurate instrumentation and detailed models of thermal systems available today.  Better measurements and analysis mean better information, decisions, and operation, which is what it takes to successfully compete in the energy marketplace. McHale stands ready to assist you in achieving continuous performance improvement.  Contact us to begin improvement of your assets today.


McHale’s principals and staff have provided power plant and energy facility performance services for over 50 years. Our knowledge background covers a variety of plant configurations and includes design and operational experience. We know firsthand the challenges faced in management, start-up, operations, design, and instrumentation & control. This enables us to recognize and resolve your problems with the confidence experience brings.



As the global market technology leader for power plant performance testing and assessment,  McHale understands the value of partnering with our clients to get the most out of their existing assets.  We work closely with our client’s personnel to find a viable optimization solution that is best suited for their plant by developing a collaborative custom-tailored plan to improve performance, reduce emissions, improve reliability, and positively influence dispatchability.


McHale understands that performance monitoring is more than just numbers on a computer screen. It has to effectively link multiple plant systems together to convert data into useable information that is easy to understand. The presentation must be clear and constructive for the operations staff. Often, a performance-monitoring system will have multiple users with different needs. The system must be flexible enough to provide the appropriate information to each user. If it’s not simple to understand and work with, it’s just not worth the trouble.