Environmental Services



McHale’s Environmental Services provides emission testing programs designed to meet each client’s particular needs with experienced and professional emissions measurement teams overseen by a staff with over 25 years of experience in the source testing industry, including both domestic and international testing projects. The McHale team consists of engineers and technicians, dedicated to providing our clients with accurate and precise test results.

McHale is equipped with the latest emission measurement equipment, ensuring the best technology to provide precise, reliable, test results. McHale is noted for its ability to meet the client’s needs, whether it is a 24-hour continuous testing or a short-notice mobilization. We can mobilize for most applications within 24 hrs. We are highly efficient at testing multiple sources simultaneously, while effectively communicating with facility personnel to provide real-time emissions data, correlating with process and control variations.


McHale’s Environmental Services provides clients real-time monitoring support for tuning and optimizing emissions sources. We are experienced with many types of turbines, boilers and other sources. We perform turbine start-up activities, tuning, and CEMS RATA, Compliance and Guarantee Tests, and the pre and post shutdowns. We test for compounds on a real-time basis using continuous analyzers, allowing us to tune the source quickly and efficiently, thus saving the client time and money. We are experienced with most control device and therefore can save the client tuning time. We provide emissions testing support for optimizing pollution control devices, such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) units, thermal oxidizers, catalysts, scrubbers, ESP units, PJFF units, and other pollution control devices. We can sample inlet and outlet simultaneously to provide determinations for efficiency and reduction. Our results are accurate for developing the control device operating curves. We perform parametric tests for developing air/fuel ratios for IC engines.


Sources Tested

McHale’s Environmental Services has experience testing most sources on the market. With our experience and process knowledge, we are able to adapt to the different testing scenarios for each of these sources. McHale has the capability and experience to provide an efficient and quality testing program in accordance with the latest EPA testing methodologies.

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