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Utility Scale Hydroelectric Power Plant Performance Testing 


Power Output • Efficiency • Index • Auxiliary System Load

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McHale’s Renewables provide benchmark status performance testing to our clients to ensure that plant performance has not degraded to unacceptable levels and to identify where program improvements can be made to improve the efficiency, output, and economic performance.  Whether it is Optimization of single hydro plants and of multiple plants that operate in a coordinated manner, McHale can provide the required performance testing in order to verify the performance of individual units and multiple facilities to establish confident benchmarks for planning optimized coordinated plant operation.

McHale Renewables also provides performance testing for the contract procurement of new turbines or runners and new pumps or impellers, or in the rehabilitation of such equipment.  Specifically, our performance testing is designed to verify contractual guarantees at the level of confidence expected by the parties of the contractual acceptance test and to ensure successful closure of the project.

Technical Advisor

McHale Renewables has technical advisors that are experienced in serving as “owner’s engineers” that identify, quantify, and mitigate risks associated with plant performance for our clients.  We have assisted project owners, financial institutions, and legal counsel with advising/consulting services and performance audits.   McHale Advisors understand the importance of reviewing proposed designs, development of strong contractual language, construction monitoring, and witnessing of key tests to ensure performance guarantees are achieved with confidence so to ensure the success of a project.

Test Code Specialists

McHale Renewables is recognized throughout the power generation market as a specialized engineering group that provides superior testing and plant performance improvement services. McHale is experienced in the application of codes and the particulars of how to go beyond codes when the situation dictates so to provide the parties to a test an appropriate code level confidence in the results.

Qualified & Impartial Test Personnel

McHale Renewables has worked with a variety of EPC contractors, plant owners, and manufacturers throughout the power industry. The McHale team is known for quick response time, expertise in plant and component issues, and accurate results.

Code Compliant & Calibrated Test Equipment

McHale Renewables has a compliment of test equipment designed to augment the standard built in hydroelectric power plant instrumentation so to improve the uncertainty of performance testing necessary to meet the desired confidence for contractual acceptance and for provision of information for long term financial projections of the assets.  McHale’s equipment inventory and data acquisition system are such to support the various measurement methods for Hydroelectric testing:

  • Head and Level Measurement
  • Relative Discharge Measurement
  • Current-meter method (Turbine Meter)
  • Pitot-tube method
  • Pressure-time method
  • Tracer method (Dyed Dilution)
  • Weirs (Level Measurement)
  • Differential pressure devices
  • Volumetric gauging method
  • Clamp on Ultrasonic transit-time flowmeter (UTTF)