Power Market


McHale Renewables is actively involved in renewable energy projects throughout the world.  The renewable energy market is continuing to grow and evolve and as such McHale Performance is adapting to coincide with new technology and aid our customers by providing them with valued services to aid in getting the best out of their progressive investments.

Our integrated, multi-disciplinary team is made up of dedicated and highly experienced specialists that are trained in each of their areas of expertise.  Together, we form effective teams with our clients and utilize our collective strengths to successfully support each stage of the project to ensure that solutions are delivered to the best possible standards.  Please see how McHale Renewables can aid you with your renewable assets.




When navigating the challenges associated with ensuring the performance of your biofuel fired power producing assets and for quantifying the optimum achievable efficiency of their biofuel production processes and facilities, McHale Renewables has continually proven our value as trusted advisors to our clients. Please look at our valued services and how they can be leveraged to your success.




As our clients are trusted stewards to this valuable natural resource, McHale Performance is a trusted advisor to our clients when it comes to providing high confidence testing and advisory solutions for determining and optimizing the plants performance. When it comes to the bottom line, knowing and optimizing the plants performance over the projected economic life of the project is a fundamental contributor to the project performance. See how McHale Performance can become your partner in geothermal plant performance.




Whether you are going to rehabilitate existing units, desire to optimize performance, benchmark current status or procuring new hydro turbine; McHale Performance proven track record of economical and effective testing methods, metrology equipment, and technical advisement has been central to maintaining and improving plant performance to our clients. Please see how McHale Renewables can help you in your responsibility to manage your hydroelectric asset to be the best it can be.

SOLAR energy



The oil and gas industry clearly does not lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach to project performance assessment solutions. Having a trusted advisor with a full portfolio of flexible services and a wide range of experience to provide high confidence testing and advisory solutions for determining and optimizing the facility or component performance is a fundamental contributor to a project success. In collaboration with our customers, McHale Performance provides proven testing, optimization, and advising solutions that matter in the oil and gas industry. Please see how McHale Performance can help ensure you get the promised performance out of your oil and gas assets.

WIND farm



Wind farm owners deserve to have confidence in the performance of their wind turbine assets. The McHale Renewables experienced team will work with you as trusted advisors to ensure that your testing is planned and carried out to provide that confidence with an efficient and low uncertainty test of your wind turbine assets. Please look at the valued services McHale Performance can offer to aid you getting the most out of your wind farm assets.