Luke Joseph McHale (1889 - 1968)

son of Michael and Mary Ann Grady McHale

Proudly a McHale, he created a personal nickname, too.

"Luke MaGluke."

Luke Joseph MCHALE was born 30 Dec 1889 in St. Agatha's Par, Philadelphia, PA and was christened 12 Jan 1890 in St. Agatha's, Philadelphia, PA. He died 15 May 1968 in Philadelphia, , PA and was buried 20 May 1968 in L-12-25, Holy Cross Cem, Yeadon, PA.

He was a bachelor.


In care-free moments of his later days, Luke enjoyed recollecting a life-long handling of reins.

"Gee," he'd say, ordering a horse team to turn right, or "Whoa," for the opposite.





Until retiring from a leg injury -- run over by a wagon wheel -- Luke drove ice and coal horse-pulled wagons on Philadelphia streets.


Luke, his sister Cecilia and a nephew at McHale homestead, 1532 Ritner Street, Philadelphia