Leo Joseph McHale (1894-1942)

son of Michael and Mary Ann Grady McHale

Leo Joseph McHale was born 25 Feb 1894 in Philadelphia, PA He was christened 5 Mar 1894 in Annunciation Church. Philadelphia. He died 9 Dec 1942 in Philadelphia, and was buried 12 Dec 1942 in Lot L-12-25, Holy Cross Cem, Yeadon, PA.

EDUCATION: Attended Temple University, studied real estate.

RESIDENCES Leo at birth, 1327 Branch Ave.(re-named Titan St.); in 1900, 742 Tree St.; 1910, 2423 S. Warnock St. 1913, 2541 S. 10th St.; 1920-24 (including 1921 marriage year), 1532 Ritner St.; 1924-31, 3560 N. Warnock St., 1931-32, 5239 N. Sydenham St.; 1932-42, back at parents' home, 1532 Ritner St. with son.

Leo married Edith May LAMB, daughter of Charles Stevenson LAMB and Emma Cecilia Virginia BERRY Lamb, on 6 Aug 1921 in Old St. Josephs Ch, Philadelphia. Edith was born 18 Feb 1895 in Camden, NJ. She converted to Catholicism 5 Aug 1921, day before marriage. She died 29 Jan 1932 in Philadelphia two weeks after bearing daughter at eighth month of pregnancy. She was buried 3 Feb 1932 in Lot L-12-25, Holy Cross Cem, Yeadon, PA.



EARLY OCCUPATIONS: 1914, sheet-metal worker; 1919-1920, welder at Philadelphia Navy Yard

21 YEARS AT CITY HALL 1921-42 employed as real estate title researcher for Commonwealth Land Title Ins. Co. Sansom St. near 12th, Philadelphia. He called job at City Hall "piece work."


Leo and his sister Cecilia (left) with King cousins Josephine and (in rear) Frank, who grew to have life-long career as priest.


Capt. Leo J McHale

WARNOCK HOUSE: Purchased 3560 N. Warnock St. Feb. 14, 1924; family residence to 1931. Rented upstairs apartment to Edith's sister Elsie and husband, Leslie Engel (married in 1925); next to Hill couple; finally to John and Catherine Stocker. After Edith death in 1932, Stockers cared for two children, longest for infant daughter, at 64th St. & Lansdowne Av. Leo sold Warnock house Aug 15,1932.