Cecilia M. McHale (1899 - 1965)

daughter of Michael and Mary Ann McHale

WORLD WAR I: Cecelia (Aunt Cele) was one of the 12,000 young women who joined the U.S. Naval Reserve during World War I performing clerical duties as a"yeomanette."   Cele served at the U.S. Navy Yard in Philadelphia.  (After the  yeomanettes were released from duty by 1920, women did not serve in the Navy again until the Waves branch was established in World War II.)  

Cecilia M. MCHALE was born 24 Sep 1899 in Epiphany Parish., Philadelphia, PA. She died 16 May 1965 in Philadelphia, and was buried 20 May 1965 in L-12-25, Holy Cross Cem, Yeadon, PA. She did not marry.