McHale clan genealogy traces McHale roots to County Mayo, Ireland. illustrates growth from these McHale roots. About 1850, a newly wed McHale couple fled Ireland's disastrous potato famine for English-speaking Liverpool. Their McHale children, raised in England, migrated to Pennsylvania. McHale generations thrived in America. The new McHales led trustworthy, successful, satisfied McHale lives.


County Mayo

Western Ireland


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Mayo Roots

You may wish to place a "Noticeboard" in the Castlebar News, a newspaper published in the heart of County Mayo.

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McHale History: Quiet Results Minus Fanfare

Whether you view the public limelight as something that's good, bad or neither, McHale people seem to have long avoided it. Typically, they've gained unpretentious personal achievement. Meanwhile, we await the first McHale scientist, artist, statesman or tycoon of world renown. Keep your fingers crossed. No negatives. No dimming the light. No dishonor. Our name you can trust - McHale.

Decades ago, in the 1960-70's, every McHale got accustomed to "Oh, like McHale's Navy!" plus a chuckle from anyone newly met. This recognition came from a TV comedy, McHale's Navy, featuring a U.S. Navy PT boat commander.

Sports fans asked us during the 1980-90's, "Are you related to Kevin McHale?" The Boston Celtics basketball Hall of Fame star became general manager of the Minneapolis Timberwolves team and for a while added coaching. Baseball buffs mention the late John J. McHale Sr., retired long-time president of the Montreal Expos, or his son, John J. McHale, Jr., once a Detroit Tigers executive and currently a Major League Baseball executive vice president. Paul McHale serves as assistant U.S. Director of Homeland Security. James F. (Jock) McHale, player- coach legend, rewrote records in Australian football.

In western Ireland, a 19th Century Archbishop, John McHale of Tuam, had legendary influence. His teachings

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1875 McHale Verse
Poet T.D. Sullivan

Oh men will come and pass away.
Like raindrops in the sea,
And thrones will crumble and decay
And kings forgotten be;

But through all time, in every clime,
The children of the Gael, will hear the name
And sound the fame
Of glorious John McHale.

Heroic Archbishop

United States


New Zealand

United Kingdom




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