Rosemary McHale Esola (1914-1994)

daughter of James J McHale and Mary Corrigan McHale

Rosemary Imelda MCHALE was born 22 Mar 1914 in Philadelphia, , PA. She died 6 Dec 1994 in St. Jos Manor Home, Meadowbrook, PA and was buried in Calvary Cem, Conshohocken, PA, Lot 4-2-1


Rosemary married Louis F. ESOLA, son of Louis ESOLA and Mary REPETTI, in St. Monica's Ch, Philadelphia, PA. Louis was born 20 Feb 1906 in Philadelphia. He died 15 May 1983 in Philadelphia, and was buried May 1983 in 4-2-1 Calvary Cm, W. Conshohocken, PA.


They had five children.


A son recollects: "When I was about 12, I bought an old, used bike from a local bike repair shop on Oregon Avenue for $12. I wanted the biggest bike I could find that had 28" wheels and fat tires, one that I could fix up myself. Since I only had $12 and was fairly independent, I bought this very beat-up bike. Dad was upset that I spent $12 for this "piece of junk" and, I subsequently learned, he confronted the shop owner about it and got some of my money back. Undeterred, I completely sanded the bike, primed and hand painted it and painted the silver racing stripe down the middle. I sanded and painted the wheels silver and, as I got additional cash from odd jobs, installed new tubes and tire, handle grips, a light and generator, new seat and pedals and other trim. It was the coolest bike on the block and it rode like a Cadillac. In the end, Dad was impressed and that is the bike you see him riding": Louis F.Esola Jr.

1949: Rosemary, cousin Edith and
Inez McHale Eberhardt (1918-2000), sister of Rosemary

Sample maxim by Rosemary:
"Sarcasm stinks."