Michael McHale (1855-1932)

son of James McHale and Mary Gibbons McHale

Born 6 Aug 1855, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Died 10 Dec 1932, Philadelphia, PA

Son of James McHale and Mary Gibbons McHale of County Mayo, Ireland

In Philadelphia, married fellow immigrant Mary Ann Grady, Oct 6, 1887 on condition that he quit seafaring.

RESIDENCES: All Philadelphia

Before 1887 marriage, 54th St. and Thompson Sts.
At birth of first son, James, in 1888. 1616 S. 8 St , Grady mother-in-law's home
At birth of second child, Luke, 1889 West Philadelphia (St. Agatha's Parish)
At birth of son Leo in 1894. 1327 Branch Ave. (now Titan St.) (Annunciation Parish)

In 1900 Census, with 6 children, 742 Tree St.
(1910 directory shows a Michael McHale at 2423 S. Warnock St.)
1913 thru 1918, 2541 S. 10th St.(Epiphany Parish)

Purchased final home at 1532 Ritner St. on March 18, 1920.
Transferred ownership on July 16, 1928 to son Michael and daughter Cecilia, bachelors.


Marie McHale (Sr. Rose Alice) wrote in 1973 that when a telephone for the family of Michael and Mary Ann Grady McHale was installed at 1532 Ritner St.in the 1920's, (for son Michael's plumbing and heating business), they were the first McHale in the Philadelphia telephone directory.


Before marriage, Michael sailed as a crewman from Liverpool, England. He met his bride-to-be, Mary Ann Grady, in Philadelphia, but, according to daughter Marie, she agreed to marry only if he gave up the sea.

Per Marie:
"Pop told how he used to sing 'Star of the Sea' whenever he was setting sails. Later on land, frying eggs, he liked to hold the pan handle steady "as if his ship were rocking."

His occupatiion was recorded as "laborer" on his marriage license in 1887.   He was listed as a packer in 1900, and rigger in 1919.

Per son James:
Michael was employed in the 1920's by Overbrook Seminary, Philadelphia, as a maintenance mechanic.   He also drove a wagon for the Chestnut Hill convent in Philadelphia, when, James said, Michael constantly cracked jokes to amuse his nun-passengers.


According to daughter Marie, Michael was the first of his McHale family to sail to America (1870's), and, she said, "he worked and saved and so brought his three brothers and a sister over."


Petitioned for citizenship Nov. 3, 1885, after completing at least the required minimum five years of residence in the country. See Certificate from 1885.

Became U.S. citizen Sept 24, 1888 before prothonatory in Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas No.4.   (Original certificate is retained by grandson J.L.McHale.)

The sixCHILDRENof Michael and Mary Ann (all born and died in Philadelphia) were:

1. James Joseph McHale     b. 6 Sept 1888 - d.7 Aug 1970
       (married Mary Hannah Corrigan 18 June 1913)
2. Luke Joseph Mchale    b. 30 Dec 1889 - d. 15 May 1968
3. Marie M McHale (Sr. Rose Alice)  b.5 Jan. 1892 - d. 7 Apr 1976
4. Leo Joseph McHale   b. 25 Feb 1894 - d. 9 Dec. 1942
         (married Edith May Lamb 6 Aug 1921)
5. Michael John McHale   b.13 Mar 1896 - d. 31 July 1960
6. Cecilia M. McHale b. 24 Sept 1899   d. 16 May 1965

CENSUS : In 1910 U.S. census, the name was misspelled   McScale.