Mary Ann Grady McHale (1859-1940)

daughter of Luke J Grady and Mary Burke Grady

Born 12 May 1859, Stockport, England
Died 15 January, 1940, Philadelphia, Pa.

(Known as Nan and Aunt Nan)

In Philadelphia, married fellow immigrant Michael McHale Oct 6, 1887 on condition that he quit seafaring.

VOYAGE: The Grady family's 1864 immigration voyage from England met severely harsh weather. and delay. One day before their safe docking at Philadelphia, the sailship's crew and passengers ran entirely out of food. The captain gave what he called "the last cracker" on board to 5-year-old Maryann's brother, Thomas, age 2.


Recollections by her daughter Marie in letter to JL McHale, 1973

"My mother Mary Ann Grady McHale was born in England. She would turn over in her grave if she knew I said so. She was more Irish than my grandmother (Mary Burke), who was born in County Mayo. She would never vote because she would have to admit she was born in England. But she weakened when Al Smith (1928 Presidential candidate, an Irish-American) was in the limelight and she voted for him. When our Jim (Marie's brother) got his first working papers and brought them home, Mom looked at them and saw that the Mc was missing. She never wore a hat except to church. That day she promptly put on the hat and went to the notary. She came home with the Mc on the paper."


  • At 1859 birth in Stockport, England, 63 High St.
  • In Philadelphia 1870's, 1118 Charles St (later renamed S. Marshall St.)
  • In 1887, before marriage, 1616 S. 8th St. (Epiphany Parish) with widow mother - same address
  • After marriage when first child James was born in 1888 - resided in West Philadelphia (St. Agatha's Parish)
  • At the birth of second child, Luke, in 1889 - at 1327 Branch Ave. (Annunciation Parish)
  • At birth of son Leo in 1894 - in Epiphany Parish at 742 Tree St and 2541 S. 10th St. until 1920, when Michael and Mary Ann purchased their principal and final home, 1532 Ritner St. (St. Monica's Parish)


The sixCHILDRENof Michael and Mary Ann (all born and died in Philadelphia) were:

1. James Joseph McHale     b. 6 Sept 1888 - d.7 Aug 1970
       (married Mary Hannah Corrigan 18 June 1913)
2. Luke Joseph Mchale    b. 30 Dec 1889 - d. 15 May 1968
3. Marie M McHale (Sr. Rose Alice)  b.5 Jan. 1892 - d. 7 Apr 1976
4. Leo Joseph McHale   b. 25 Feb 1894 - d. 9 Dec. 1942
         (married Edith May Lamb 6 Aug 1921)
5. Michael John McHale   b.13 Mar 1896 - d. 31 July 1960
6. Cecilia M. McHale b. 24 Sept 1899   d. 16 May 1965

OCCUPATION: In 1887, operator in Mundello shoe factory, Philadelphia.