James McHale (about 1825 - 1895)

son of Michael McHale and Mary McHale

James McHale was born in County Mayo, Ireland, about 1825, in the townland Bunduvowen (local name Bundoovan or Doovin).

MARRIAGE: On Jan. 8, 1854, James married Mary Gibbons, presumably also of Mayo, in the Roman Catholic parish of Turlough/Parke. Witnesses were John Gibbons and John McHale.

BUNDUVOWEN (Bundoovan, Doovin): The full name of this 554-acre townland in the north of Turlough Parish, means "mouth of the black river." Mostly of moor and bog, lying near Carra Lake and the Carra River, it was among 60,000 Mayo acres owned by The Earl of Lucan of Castlebar House. Cullin Lake, at the northeast, contains salmon, trout, perch, pike and eel.

TURLOUGH PARISH: The name means dried lake. Turlough, in the north of the Mayo barony of Carra, is bounded by Addergoole, Templemore. Kildacommoge, Breaghwy and Aglis parishes. Turlough contains some mountain tracts and many lakes. Its 24,566 acres are mostly Lake Cullin. Turlough is a rectory in the Diocese of Tuam.

TENEMENTS: Seven McHale households rented their Bunduvowen land, houses and farm buildings from Lord Lucan for 25 English pounds yearly. Tithe was withheld. They also paid cess (tax) of 3 to 8 shillings per tenant, and produced oats and potatoes

FAMINE FUGITIVES: James and Mary, within one year after their 1854 marriage, migrated amid lingering destitution from the 1845-1849 Irish potato famine. They sailed across the Irish Sea to Liverpool, Lancashire, England. All their children were born there.

RESIDENCES: At the birth of their first child, Michael, Aug 6,1855, James and Mary dwelled at 4 Court, Jamaica St., St. Thomas, Liverpool. The 1871 British census reports what may have been their same residence, 4 No. 1 Court, Britton St., Toxteth Park, North Toxteth ward, civil parish of Liverpool.

FAMILY: The 1871 British census, erroneously recording the surname McCAIN, listed the James McHale family:

James, 46
Mary, 34:
Michael, 16
John, 10 (twin)
James, 10 (died Jan 30, 1928 at Braddock,Pa - occupation: oiler, Westinghouse Elec Co.)
Thomas, 3.

Bridget Mary was born June 4, 1871 - later than the 1871 census

JAMES OCCUPATION: At Michael's birth in 1855, James was recorded as a "chip dealer; " then in the 1871 census, "scavenger"

SONS: In 1973 Marie (Sr. Rose Alice) McHale wrote that her father, Michael, son of James, had told her that 11 McHale brothers had all emigrated to Pennsylvania. She wrote that she could not remember whether this had meant that it was Michael's father James, or James' father Michael, who had had the 11 sons. (an Irish exaggeration?)


Parents of ...
Various Later-Born Bunduvowen McHales

Ranges in Which McHale Children were born in Bunduvowen Townland


John McHale and Mary McHale 1849-1857

John McHale and Bridget McHale 1860-1874

John McHale and Bridget McHale 1883-1890

John McHale and Ellen Hoban 1886-1897

Martin McHale and Bridget McHale 1891-1897

Martin McHale and Sarah McHale 1896-1900

Michael McHale and Mary McHale 1850-1879

Pat McHale and Elizabeth Murphy 1899-1900

Pat McHale and Bridget McHale 1892-1900

Thomas McHale and Mary McHale 1867-1876

Thomas McHale and Mary Kearney 1875

William McHale and Mary McHale 1855-1872

Ulick McHale and Anne Connolly 1862-1877