Michael McHale
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For assistance, contact the Mayo County Enterprise Board, in Castlebar. They're on - where else? McHale Road.

A Discussion

OWNER: Who shall we hire to do it?

PARTNER: How about McHale?

OWNER: Too busy... Instead....

PARTNER: No, wait. I say busy's good.

OWNER: Come to think of it, you're right. McHale's always busy.
That means ...

I'll phone McHale."

Irish Advice


  1. the table hungry
  2. the bed sleepy
  3. the pub thirsty


Sartorial Sobriquet

In your family, there may be one who often wears this nickname:

Shirttail McHale


Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Great Gaels of Ireland,

Men that God made mad.

All their wars are merry,

All their songs are sad

(article conclusion, part 4 of 4)

English-speaking homelands. They emigrated primarily to America, Canada, and Australia. Many McHales treked from Ireland's west for the shortest sea voyage, to nearby England. Meanwhile, some fled to Scotland, New Zealand and South Africa.

Example: James McHale and his bride Mary Gibbons, were married in Turlough Parish, Mayo, in 1854 amid the lingering potato poverty. They relocated to Liverpool, England, where James worked as a scavenger and "chip dealer."

Their first child, Michael, arrived a year later. The family grew while scraping by (literally, if you must know, by.scraping "chips" off the streets.)

Michael crossed the ocean as a hired seaman; swore to U.S. citizenship in Philadelphia and sent funds to bring his siblings to Pennsylvania. Mary Ann Grady, also of Mayo heritage by way of birth in Stockport, England, got Michael to quit the sea.and became his bride.They raised a family of two girls and four boys in Philadelphia.


Dan McHale

Jack McHale

Gaines McHale

Performing Arts
Frank McHale
Logansport IN

Bale Wrappers
McHale Engineering
Ballirobe, Mayo

Patent Law
Edward F McHale
Palm Beach Gardens

Bingham McHale

Power Services
Michael McHale
Washington St

McHale Key - The Keystone State

Your McHale ancestors dwelled in County Mayo, Ireland. America is likely the shore most fled to. Where did they settle? Try Pennsylvania, and not exactly Philadelphia.

The 1860-1920 U.S. censuses tallied over 3,500 McHale names -- more than a third of them in Pennsylvania. In comparison, only about a fifth of McHales chose New York State. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia annual McHale population average helped the Pennsylvania McHales to double New York in census after census. Massachusetts yearly counted fewer McHales than even the 5% who settled in Philadelphia.

Most Pennsylvania McHale immigrants flocked to the Keystone state's northeastern coal region. Two neighboring Pennsylvania counties, Luzerne and Lackawanna, in combination, surpassed the New York McHales in every 1860-1920 census

Mary Ann Grady McHale

Two Irish Census Decades Offer McHale Research

Census records are every genealogist's handiest source - the one they like best and research the most.

However, any census research in Ireland is limited. First, the Government ruled in the 19th Century that data remain personal through 100 years. They promptly destroyed records of the four decades from 1861 to 1891.

Next, in 1922, fire swept the archives of the Public Record Office. Only fragments of four older censuses 1821-1851 were rescued.

Meantime, the 1901 decade's record survived the 100-year privacy requirement. Compensating for the loss, Ireland then exempted 1911 from secrecy until 2011. Result todayt: Ireland's 1911 and 1901 census data awaits you.



Gilbert Keith Chesterton

If ever ye ride in Ireland,
The jest may yet be said,

There's the land of broken hearts,

And the land of broken heads.