DNA Shifts Genealogy to High Gear

McHale Male Specimens to be Tested

You probably know that your cell structure identifies your particular body among all that have walked the earth. Your nucleic acid in a chromosome also defines your heritage. Scientifically testing this acid, DNA, for a Y-chromosome marker, traces your genetics. The idea fascinates us - we who like family history. Call it genealogy on wheels.

Although a Y-DNA study can't beat family Bibles for personal data, it can find, and verify, a common ancestor from long past. Family Tree DNA Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. is inspecting a growing database of McHale contributors. These DNA tests reveal which lines share an ancestor. They may suggest linking some McHale lines in the absence of a paper connection.

Sorry, if you are or were a Ms. McHale, Y-DNA testing is out for you - biologically at least. Females do not carry their father’s Y-DNA. However, a woman may induce a male McHale to submit.

Residing in Bucks County PA, the granddaughter of one McHale and the greatgranddaughter of two McHales, Kathleen Blanchard, administrates the McHale group for the project. Several Mr. McHales, including your mchale.com editor, paid a fee of about $100 and submitted their personal DNA for the project. You may want to visit Kathleen's website at http://www.olivergilroyfamily.com/McHaleDNA/McHaleDNA.html

"The more McHales we get, the better the results," Kathleen said.

Family Tree DNA Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd stores its several hundred Y-DNA's of various surnames in locked refrigeration at the University of Arizona.