Benjamin Lloyd Berry (1817-1887)

son of Joseph and Susan Berry

Benjamin Lloyd Berry was reportedly born July 3, 1817, Philadelphia, died April 24, 1887 in Washington DC

GRANDFATHERwas a doctor of County Wexford, Ireland, reportedty slain. According to family lore, he resisted cautions in a time of Catholic-Protestant tension in Ireland and treated a woman in a Catholic area, only to be found there hanged overnight.

FATHER Joseph Berry, shipbuilder, born Ireland, immigrated to NJ ca 1799, died Dec 23, 1831, Canton, China, at about age 31. This grave inscription on French Island, Canton, was provided by the family: "Sacred to the memory of Captain Joseph Berry, commander of the ship Penn, of Philadelphia."

At age 14 Benjamin was a cabin boy on his father's ship.

SIBLING Cynthia Berry,sister, married Harry W.Apel

OCCUPATION Grain dealer in Philadelphia and Washington.

CIVIL WAR: Paid for substitute. For details, search Provost Marshall records (Group 110), requirIng statement of residence (either 312 Catherine St, 3rd Philadelphia ward, 1st Congressional District, or as farm in Abington Township, Jenkintown, Montgomery County Pa). He is said to have financed an entire regiment, the 3rd Pennsylvania Volunteers.

G.O.P.DELEGATE: was a delegate from PA to Republican National Convention in 1868.

1845 per city directory, 312 Catherine St. Philadelphia

1860 per US census, Abington, PA farm (later became summer retreat for John Wanamaker employees)

1868 per birth record of daughter Emma Cecilia, 123 Pine St, Phila.

1869-74 per city directories, 312 Catherine St., Philadelphia

1885-87 per death certificate 910 "O" St NW, Washington, DC

FIRST MARRIAGE Wife apparently died before 1960, which census named five children:

Ada, 1842, became Episcopal nun
Frank, 1844 Federal lawyer
Mima, 1847
Susan, 1849
Annie, 1853

SECOND MARRIAGEIn 1850's Benjamin wed Emma Cecilia Hartmann of 123 Pine St., Society Hill section of Philadelphia. Emma Hartmann, born Aug 2 1837, was a daughter of John Hartmann (1802-1892), cracker baker, and Julia Ann Lord (1806-1889). Their children included:

Benjamin Lloyd Berry Jr (born 3-29-1860, died 2-20-1961) draftsman-engineer of Philadelphia wharfs

Horace Berry (born 6-1-1868., twin of Emma), insurance business

Emma Cecilia Berry (born 6-1-1868 twin of Horace) died 4-19-1920. Married Charles Stevenson Lamb

Julia Berry, youngest, born in Washington DC, married W. Harry Apel