Emma Cecilia Hartman Berry (1837-1905)

Daughter of John Hartman and Julia Ann Lord Hartman

Emma Cecilia Hartman was born 2 Aug 1837. She died 11 Feb 1905 in Philadelphia and was buried 1905 in Lot EE1, Lafayette Cem, Bensalem, PA.

Married Benjamin L. Berry, son of Thomas Berry. Benjamin was born 1818 in Philadelphia. He died 24 Apr 1887 in Washington, DC and was buried 1887 in Lot EE1, Lafayette Cem, Bensalem.

Their children included:

Emma Cecilia BERRY, born 1 June 1868 and died 19 Apr 1920
Horace BERRY (twin), born 1 June 1868

RESIDENCES:After marriage in 1868, resided at 123 Pine St., Philadelphia. This four-story row house, Emma parents' home, was built in 1803, a historic landmark of the Society Hill colonial restoration section. The Hartman family, including nine children, occupied it from 1846 until it was sold in 1897 after John's death.  As of the 1980's, it was the residence of owners Elliott and Peggy (Mr. and Mrs.) Fields.Other Philadelphia residences of Benjamin and Emma Berry:

1912 Park Ave,  2030 N. 12th St.,  366 S. 4th St, 312 Catherine St.

Benjamin and Emma also resided in or near Washington, DC

FATHER: John Hartman was born 25 Sept 1802 in Pennsylvania. He died 7 Dec 1892 in Philadelphia, and was buried in Lots 785-790, Woodlands Cem, Philadelphia. A biscuit baker, John introduced Trenton oyster crackers to the Philadelphia market. He and Julia Ann Lord married 2 Apr 1826 in Methodist Episcopal.Church, Philadelphia.

MOTHER: Julia Ann Lord was born 8 Nov 1806 in Pennsylvania. She died 10 Oct 1889 in Philadelphia, and was buried in Lots 785-790, Woodlands Cem, Philadelphia.

GRANDPARENTS ON HARTMAN LINE: Jacob HARTMAN, born about 1755 in Gumbrechtshoffen, Elsen (Alsace), Germany (France). He died 12 Jul 1819. During Jacob's lifetime, his village of Gumbrechtshoffen was a part of Germany.  Since World War II, Alsace has been in France. Jacob married Anna Elizabeth STEIN, born 19 Feb 1776 in Buedingen, Isenburg, Hessen, Germany. She died 1864.

GRANDPARENTS ON LORD LINE: James LORD Jr., born 7 Aug 1777 in Maine, married C. A. NEWELL.(her first name unknown),born about 1780.

GREAT-GRANDPARENTS ON HARTMAN-STEIN LINE: Jacob HARTMANN married Maria Eva HUNTZINGER, who was born and died in Germany. Johannes H. STEIN was born 1746 in Buedingen, Hessen, Germany. He was a stockingweaver. He died 1828. Johannes married Johanna M. SILVIUS, born 1736 also in Buedingen. She died 1814.

GREAT-GRANDPARENTS ON LORD-NEWELL LINE: James LORD Sr., born 15 Sep 1743/1744 in S. Berwick, which was then Massachusetts and now Maine, married Abigail FOSTER on 11 Dec 1766. Parents of C..A NEWELL unknown.

HARTMAN-HUNTZINGER-STEIN-SILVIUS EARLIER SURNAMES: Froehlich, Ritter, Heimbach, Urbach, Schmid, Lederhose, Bister, Schmick, Kling, Keyser

LORD-FOSTER-NEWELL EARLIER SURNAMES : Heard, Gowen,Tozier, Everett, Roberts, Littlefield, Starbuck, Hodsdon, Frost, Smith, Milliken, Griffith, Norman, Reynolds, Austin, Wilmot, Wines, Curtius, Nutter, Leighton, Jackson, Alger

MEMORABILIA: Naming of The Emma C. Berry, a restored sailboat at Mystic Seaport, Mystic. CT., is in question. The museum maintains that Capt. John Henry Berry, 48, of Groton CT a "Noank fisherman" (kinship unknown), recorded in 1870 census as a "shipmaster," had it built in 1866 and named for a daughter, (Emma, 10 at 1870 census). Family lore contends it honors our Emma Cecilia Berry, born 1868, or perhaps her mother, Emma Cecilia (Hartman) Berry. In any event, the exhibit represents a unique boat class, well smacks. The Emma C Berry has a "well," an open cargo hold for the catch of fish . "Smack" means it is small.